Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery

Everyone wants to win the lottery but most of us don't even have a single lucky number on our ticket. So how do you win the lottery? Well, quite simply, by chance. The more tickets you purchase for a specific drawing the better your chances. So here are some tips on increasing your chances.


  1.   Purchase more than one ticket. The more tickets purchased will increase your odds of winning. Of course this increase is minuscule. Consider that an average state lottery has jackpot odd of about 100,000,000 to 1, often even worse (the multi-state "Powerball" lottery in America has jackpot odds of about 185,000,000 to 1). Holding fifty tickets only would improve your odds to 100,000,000 to 50.
  2.   Join a lottery pool at your office, school, church, activity center or any place where others are willing to share a winning ticket. The payout that you receive will be less because you will be sharing it but your chances of winning are significantly increased.
  3. Understand that the other tickets do not affect your tickets in most lotteries. Many people erroneously think that they have better chances of winning when fewer people play, but this is not true unless you are entering a raffle wherein a winning ticket is pulled from all the entries. The odds of the lottery's random numbers matching your ticket's numbers are not affected by the number of people who have tickets. Think of it this way, if only one person bought just one ticket for the lottery is that person guaranteed to win? No. However, the fewer people who play the lower the odds of multiple winners is.
  4. Play less often but buy most of your tickets when you play. This increases your chances for that specific play. This strategy does not affect your odds of winning in your lifetime but you can affect what jackpot you win, if you win. Instead of buying a ticket every week save up the money you would spend and use it all to buy tickets when the jackpot reaches large amounts. This maximizes the return without increasing your financial risk.


  • If you join an office pool make sure that you receive a photocopy of all the tickets purchased from the person buying the tickets. Be sure that this person is trustworthy. Be sure to check your photocopies against the published winning numbers.
  • Keep your tickets in a safe place that is protected against moisture, heat, and creatures like bugs or rodents.
  • Get your winning ticket to the claims center as quick as possible. If you mail your ticket do it via certified and insured mail. Better yet, if possible, hand deliver your winning ticket to the claims center.
  • If the jackpot is very large you may wish to contact a lawyer to help you redeem your ticket.


  • Never spend more than you can afford on the lottery, it will only leave you worse off.